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Updated: 24 Oct 2011

New! Use the new AFS Self Service Form to change the quota(s) for your personal AFS volume(s).

Use this form to request an increase in the amount of disk space you are allowed to have in AFS (the AFS quota). You can also use this form to request group space or anonymous FTP space. You may find the information in the SLAC AFS Users' Guide useful in managing your space, and the information in the UNIX Disk Space web page useful in determining the type of space you need.

You will also need to collect some information before starting:

For more complicated requests, use the 'Additional Instructions' field below to write to us. For large projects, software package installations, group space, or situations where you know the disk space needs are going to grow substantially over time, please let us know of your plans in the "Planning Information" field. This helps us allocate the right kind of disk space for your needs, and helps us plan for future acquisitions of disk space.


  1. User smith finds from the fs listquota command that he has a current quota of 500 MB and is using 400 MB. He needs 200 MB to build a new program and have a comfortable amount of space to work. He requests a new quota of 600 MB. Please note that the figure you enter in the "New Quota requested" box should be the total quota, in MB, that you expect to have for "Mountpoint" after this request is processed.
    New! Or for your home directory, you can use the new AFS Self Service Form to change the quota(s) for your personal AFS volume(s).
  2. User jones finds from the fs listquota command that she has a current quota of 1.6 GB (1600 MB) and is using 1.5 GB. She needs 1 GB for a large project. She requests a 1 GB volume to be mounted at ~jones/simulation. Her home directory quota will remain unchanged, and she will have a new subdirectory with an independent quota of 1 GB.
  3. User higgs would like to make a few small files available to the world via anonymous FTP. He checks 'Anonymous FTP - outgoing' in the form, and enters '50' in the quota requested for that directory. The default directory name of /afs/ will be assigned.
  4. User Benton needs 500 MB for simulation studies for a new project named 'XYZ', but she's unsure where it should be allocated in group space. She checks 'Group Directory' in the form, enters '500' in the quota field, leaves the "Mount point (subdirectory)" field empty, and gives a brief description of the project and its initial space needs in the "Planning Information" field. In a case like this, Computing Division might recommend that two new volumes be allocated: As the project evolves and requires space for other purposes, additional subvolumes can mounted under /afs/slac/g/xyz/.

Your full name:
Phone Extension
EMail address
(for response to this request)
UNIX username
Action requested
Increase Quota Anonymous FTP Space - outgoing (2)
New Subvolume Anonymous FTP Space - incoming (2)
Group Directory
New Quota requested in MB, i.e. the TOTAL quota (not the increase) you want assigned to the mountpoint below.
Mount point (subdirectory)
Define the mount point if this is a new volume or if the mount point is _not_ your home directory as defined by ~userid or $HOME.
Planning Information
Planned use of this space, future needs if known
Additional Instructions

If you need to increase quota for your home directory, did you see the link at the top for the Self-Service Form?

(1) Large volumes can make it more difficult for us to manage the space efficiently and transparently.

(2) For security reasons, outgoing and incoming anonymous ftp volumes must be kept separate. However, you may submit two requests if you need both kinds of space.

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