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Printing at SLAC

Printing SLAC
Updated: April 13, 2015


How to setup printing from CUPS client to SLAC's LPRng print server

This documentation describes how to configure the CUPS printing client that nowadays comes with all Linux systems. The described procedure works on all Red Hat derived systems.

The path to the python environment needs to be setup before calling system-config-printer The easiest way to do that is to first sudo your_shell,
i.e. sudo tcsh, or sudo bash
su -

alfw@dnab42276f  3> sudo /usr/sbin/system-config-printer
On a RHEL system, this program is called /usr/sbin/redhat-config-printer

This will open a window which looks like this:

Click the "New" button which will open this window:

Click the "Forward" button which will result in this window:

Enter the printer's name as you like it with a short description (optional) and clck "Forward".

Select "Network UNIX (LPD) as the "queue type" and enter the SLAC Unix print server's name "printserv.slac.stanford.edu" in the Server text field as well as the SLAC Unix printing system's queue name for the printer you want to print to:

Click "Forward".

Select the correct Printer manufacturer and the correct printer model

Click "Forward".
Then click "Finish"

A new window will open asking to print a test page. Click "yes" or "No". The printer now should show up in the original "Printer configuration" tool window.

Click the "Apply" button which will save the necessary configuration files on your computer.

Quit the tool.

The new printer should now be accessible in a shell window by typing lpq -P for querying or lpr -P for printing. The printer also should show up in tools like Firefox and other GUIs in the list of printers in the printing menu.

January 20, 2006, Alf Wachsmann. Last modified: January 20, 2006