[SLAC]Maple at SLAC

7 January 2011

Unfortunately, most of this page has not been updated in some time. SLAC currently has Maple 14 installed.

Maple Users' mailing list: A mailing list has been established for SLAC's Maple users. It is intended for users to trade questions, answers, suggestions, etc.; announcements from Maplesoft will also be forwarded to the list.

To subscribe, send an email to listserv@slac.stanford.edu and include as the body:
subscribe maple-l

The mailing list archive is available online

Our central unix Maple 10 installation has been updated to verison 10.05 (1 August 2005).

You can find updates for linux, MacOSX, and Windows in /afs/slac/package/maple/src/

See also Maple's 10.04 web page.


About Maple

Maple11 on UNIX platforms

Maple12 on UNIX platforms

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Maple on PC's, Mac's and standalone Linux


Willy Langeveld and John Bartelt