Using the SLAC Installation of the Geant4 Toolkit with the JAIDA-G4 Analysis Package

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A recipe for building and running a simulation executable using the Geant4 toolkit and the JAIDA-G4 analysis package is provided. Libraries for both of these packages are installed and maintained by the SLAC Geant4 group so that users need only link their applications to them. As a starting point for new users, a Geant4 example with histogramming has been provided.

Current Installation

The latest Geant4 libraries are centrally maintained and installed so that users may build and link their applications to them, rather than build and maintain their own libraries.
Geant4 9.3 (patch 01) is now installed on the 32-bit and 64-bit Linux machines: Access to older libraries is available upon request.
Various data files required for optional Geant4 processes and models are also centrally maintained and automatically accessed by the setup scripts.

This analysis example requires the JAIDA-G4 package. This package and its examples were originally prepared for the SLAC Geant4 Workshop of February 2002. The file names, tree configuration and setup scripts have been modified in the current SLAC installation. JAIDA-G4 is supported on the platforms listed above.

Accessing the SLAC installations

To compile and link a simulation executable using the current Geant4 toolkit and the JAIDA analysis package, several environment variables must first be set. This can be done as follows: The essential variables set by g4setup.env file are: The essential variables set by aida.env file are:


Currently, OPENGLX and JAS cannot run simultaneously, so the environment variable G4VIS_USE_OPENGLX is unset in the script.

Building and Running the Executable

The following steps will lead you to a working executable with histogramming:
  1. go to your work directory: cd $G4WORKDIR
  2. from the G4-JAIDA installation copy the code for example A01:
  3. cd to A01
  4. gmake clean
  5. gmake
  6. while in directory A01, run the executable:
At this point you are ready to add to and modify the code in your copy of A01. To learn more about developing your own simulation code using Geant4, see the Application Developer's Guide .
Tatsumi Koi
Dennis Wright