[SLAC] Guide to CERNLIB, Anaphe and LCG at SLAC

21 January 2004

SLAC-specific documentation:

Overview of CERNLIB at SLAC

CERNLIB will be frozen as of the 2002 version.

Overview of Anaphe at SLAC

Anaphe (formerly known as LHC++) was planned to be the successor to CERNLIB. This has now been replaced by the LHC Computing Grid, wich is currently not installed at SLAC. 


WWW pages at CERN:

CERNLIB Writeups and CERNLIB Short Writeups

Index of CERNLIB functions and entry points

CERN Program Library

PAW and Geant

CERNLIB libraries and modules contents

Anaphe (LHC++) home page. Note that Anaphe is no longer being developed. Instead we are now looking forward to LCG:

LHC Computing Grid (LCG) home page.

Miscellaneous information:

Calling the CERN library from C by Michael Dahlinger at GSI computing, Darmstadt.

The cernlib command is useful for determining which libraries are necessary to link your program. There is a man page.

Willy Langeveld