[SLAC] Anaphe at SLAC

21 January 2004


Note and Platforms

Note: Anaphe is a dead end. Anaphe is no longer being developed at CERN. Instead of Anaphe, CERN is working on the LHC Computing Grid (LCG), which is not yet installed at SLAC. Anaphe will therefore no longer be updated at SLAC.

With that out of the way, Anaphe at SLAC is installed for two UNIX platforms:

Access and organization

Anaphe assumes that certain environment variables are set. You should add the following three lines:

setenv OS       `uname`
setenv LHCXXTOP /afs/slac/package/lhcxx
source $LHCXXTOP/share/LHCXX/3.6.5/install/sharedstart.csh

to your .login for C-shell family shells such as csh and tcsh.

For Bourne-type shells such as sh, bash, ksh and zsh, the equivalent lines to go into your .profile are:

export OS = `uname`
export LHCXXTOP = /afs/slac/package/lhcxx
source $LHCXXTOP/share/LHCXX/3.6.5/install/sharedstart.sh

After you log in, some environment variables would then be set. For example, you might have:

PLATF                redhat61/egcs-1.1.2
LHCXX_REL_DIR        /afs/slac/package/lhcxx/ ... /3.6.5
OBJY_VERS            6.1

By setting these variables yourself before you source the script, you can override the defaults.

The script will also have added appropriate bin directories to your path. Libraries can be found in the directory $LHCXX_REL_DIR/lib.

Note: SLAC does not have a sitewide installation for Objectivity at this point, so anything that involves the Objectivity database interface may not work.

Current levels of the Anaphe binaries on UNIX

Currently the version of Anaphe installed at SLAC is 3.6.5 .

Documentation and Help

For various sources of information on CERNLIB and Anaphe, see Guide to CERNLIB and Anaphe at SLAC and the Anaphe home page (at CERN).

Willy Langeveld