100 mbps connection at SLAC

Many users at SLAC connect to the network at 10Mbps/Half Duplex.

If a user requires a higher speed to 100Mbps/Full Duplex, and the networking infrastructure allows it, the SCCS Networking Group will work with the user and his Desktop Adminsitrator to complete this upgrade.

How to request a 100 mbps connection

1. Determine if higher speed is necessary.

2. Contact your Desktop Administrator and request the higher speed.
A list of the administrator can be found here.

Your Desktop Administrator should:

  • verify that your network card can run at 100mbps (for Linux see note at the end of page);
  • gather the necessary information to perform the change:
  • complete a Network Admin Request Ticket Form
    Note: In the space for Describe the issue below, provide the collected information and the justification for the speed change.

    How to change the speed to 100mbps

    The setting on your desktop can be changed only by somebody with administrative privileges and preferably should be done by the Desktop Administrator.

    After the request has been approved it will be necessary to coordinate the two following actions:
  • the SCCS Network Group will change the network switch port to 100Mbps/Full Duplex or auto-negotiate.
  • your desktop NIC will be changed to 100Mbps/Full Duplex or auto-negotiate.

    These changes need to happen at the SAME TIME to avoid loss of connectivity or degraded network performance
    the settings MUST MATCH i.e. the NIC and the switch port must both be set to 100/FULL or both set to auto-negotiate. They cannot be different.

  • NT/XP desktop
    Instruction on how to change the settings can be found here

  • Linux desktop
  • Sun/Solaris
    Contact unix-admin to have the speed changed.

    Note on Linux systems
    The list of NIC modules supported for 100mbps speed can be obtained by running the script on the system that you wish to upgrade to 100 mbps:
    Contact unix-admin if the card is not in the supported list.

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