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11/29/06 - Rector of Pakistani University Visits SLAC from SLAC Today.
10/9/06 - Bandwidth Challenges and World Records audio, video & synchronized slides (Quicktime, 128.5MB)
10/9/06 - Quantifying the Digital Divide from an Internet Point of View audio, video & synchronized slides (Quicktime, 88.8MB)
4/6/06 - Physics Online and Overseas from SLAC Today.
2/13/06 - A Better Internet" news story from ComputerWorld.


11/23/05 - Bandwidth Challenge Results from SlashDot
SC|05 Bandwidth Challenge, SLAC Interaction Point.
11/05 - Bringing the Internet to China Symmetry Magzine.
11/8/05 - Brit Boffins aim to Beat LAN speed record from
9/2/05 - SLAC's participation in the SC05 Bandwidth Challenge
7/5/05 - Our broadband "out of phase" from Australian IT
6/24/05 - Global Internet Analysis: Australia possibly out of phase UNE News and Events
6/22/05 - Pinger Quantifies the Digital Divide from Science Grid This Week.


11/24/04 - Internet Speed Quadrupled by International Team During 2004 Bandwidth Challenge
10/27/04 - 101Gbits/s! SLAC/Caltech/U Manchester/FNAL/CERN SC2004 Bandwidth Challenge,
5/17/04 - 10th anniversary of SLAC/HENP bringing the Internet to China, from ComputerWorld, also see the Ten Years Ago, SLAC Brought the Internet to China from the SLAC Interaction Point, and Networking with China, SLAC-PUB-6478, 1994.
4/2/04 - Networking: The Next Generation
3/16/04 - Better TCP Invented at NCSU and evaluated by SLAC, see also Light Reading, Slashdot HPCwire. <


6/12/03 - Developing countries and the global science web, an ICTP/SLAC article from the December CERN Courier.
12/10/03 - Caltech, SLAC, and LANL Set Network Performance Marks also see Web site
12/2/03 - SLAC to display PingER project at SIS-Forum, Geneva under Fundamental Science and Enabling Technologies Theme. 9-13 Dec '03.
12/1/03 - Bandwidth Challenge Teams Push Networking Performance Envelope at SC2003 Conference - Sustained 23 Gigabits Per Second Sets New Record
11/23/03 - Caltech/SLAC/LANL/U Manchester "Bandwidth Lust" team captures the SuperComputing 2003 maximum bandwidth Bandwidth Challenge award with 23.21Gbits/s, transferring over 6.6 PBytes in less than 50 minutes.
8/4/03 - High Speeds are good for Guinness, from DoE Pulse magazine.
7/20/03 - Guinness World Record for Internet2 Land Speed Record
6/10/03 - State of Network Monitoring and Analysis in the US
4/21/03 - CENIC "Road to Ten Gigabit" Award to Caltech, CERN, SLAC & LANL
4/14/03 - Record transfer of Data between CERN and California, from CERN Bulletin
3/29/03 - Internet2 Land Speed Record broken again by team from Caltech, CERN, SLAC and LANL.
3/27/03 - Software breaks data transfer record from Nature.
3/19/03 - Caltech computer scientists develop FAST protocol to speed up Internet
1/21/03 - New Intercontinental Internet Performance Records Set in Internet2 Land Speed Record Competition


10/02/01 - Appletalk Routing has been shutdown as of 10/01/01


12/17/00 - Wireless Networking at SLAC
10/31/00 - SLAC Phone Switch Upgrade - October 2000
08/18/00 - SLAC ISDN Service, phase out 09/30/01.
06/06/00 - RIP to be removed
05/23/00 - Central VMS support to terminate at end of 2001
03/23/00 - SLAC Phone System Upgrade