Micom Switch Shutdown

Last Update: December 17, 1997

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***** Note: The date to discontinue Micom service has been changed to 01/12/98. This change allows BIS the contingency ability to run another Accounting and Payroll monthend on the VM system.

  • Target Shutdown Date
  • Alternatives
  • Current Usage Information
  • Background Information

    Target Shutdown Date - back to Page Contents

    The target shutdown date is 01/12/98.

    The shutdown of the Micom Switch is fast approaching. If you are still using the Micom you should find an alternative as soon as possible.

    Alternatives - back to Page Contents

    Alternatives to using an ASCII terminal include:

  • Replacing it with a Macintosh, PC, XTerminal, or workstation that is capable of connecting directly to the ethernet. Ascii terminals are not capable of direct connections. There may still be Macs available from the ones SLAC received from the SSC. Contact the HELP desk for details.

    If you choose this alternative, you may also need to request a network connection for the replacement equipment.

  • Just stop using your ASCII terminal. Perhaps you really don't need it anymore or haven't used it for some time.

    Where to turn for help and assistance:

  • If you have questions or are not sure what to do contact:
    the HELP Desk(x4357)

  • If you have serious concerns about the Micom Phaseout contact:
    Ken Martell(x3804) or Les Cottrell(x2523)
    If you are still using the Micom Switch (responding to the "Enter class:" prompt) through any means (e.g., an ASCII terminal connected to the Switch or a telnet session), you should find an alternative.

    Current Usage Information - back to Page Contents

    Usage of the Micom Switch has dropped significantly since July 1996

    Loosely defined, a line is the input connection to the Micom Switch from your terminal and a port is the output connection from the Micom Switch to the host defined by the class of service you choose.

    Micom statistics can be viewed from VM by entering the command STATS MON SWITCH.

    Background Information - back to Page Contents

    In March 1994, SCS announced that the Micom Switch would slowly be phased out of service. The current plan is to discontinue the Micom Switch service on 01/12/98 (this is a change from the previous phaseout date of 10/01/97). See the Micom-phaseout.ps * announcement by Ken Martell and the phaseout proposal.ps* by R. Les Cottrell and Tim Streater on which the announcement is based.

    Also in 1994 we surveyed the SLAC user community to identify who was still using character-mode terminals to learn how they were being employed to help us formulate both the VM migration plan and the Micom Switch phaseout. As a result, during 1995 SLAC distributed Macs from the SSC to those users who needed to replace a dumb ASCII terminal.

    In early August 1996, the Computer Center building suffered two power outages. Most computer and networking equipment came up without much trouble except one of the two Micom Switches (The "Micom Switch" was actually two switches, MicA and MicB, connected together.) MicA, failed to come up because of a burned out power supply. MicA is no longer in service because of this problem. This event was the impetus to phase out the Micom switch more quickly than originally intended.


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