IPV6 Installation Notes

Red Hat Linux installation

Host Nereus is running Red Hat Linux version 8 with kernel 2.4.18-14.
After the fresh install from the Red hat Distribution CD the following are the steps needed to have IPV6 running:

We also added Name Service using the RIPE IPV6 Name Server:

Known problems:

The current kernel version has a problem with ping6, which will return a "No route to host" even if the ICMP replies have been received.
> ping6 www.6bone.net
PING www.6bone.net(3ffe:b00:c18:1::10) 56 data bytes
ping: recvmsg: No route to host
ping: recvmsg: No route to host
ping: recvmsg: No route to host
ping: recvmsg: No route to host
ping: recvmsg: No route to host

The workaround is to specify the size of the ICMP packets to be smaller that 45 bytes, as:
> ping6 www.6bone.net
PING 3ffe:b00:c18:1::10(3ffe:b00:c18:1::10) from 2001:400:0e10:0:240:5ff:fe41:c7f4 : 37 data bytes
45 bytes from 3ffe:b00:c18:1::10: icmp_seq=1 ttl=57 time=282 ms
45 bytes from 3ffe:b00:c18:1::10: icmp_seq=2 ttl=57 time=280 ms
45 bytes from 3ffe:b00:c18:1::10: icmp_seq=3 ttl=57 time=279 ms
--- 3ffe:b00:c18:1::10 ping statistics ---
3 packets transmitted, 3 received, 0% loss, time 2003ms rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 279.279/280.481/282.127/1.204 ms

NTP installation

Version 4 of NTP is supporting IPv6 (for more information look at http://www.ntp.org).
Note= in reality only the most current version available for download supports IPv6; the production version does not support it.
On nereus we have installed version 1.74 and we are now running an ntpd synchronized with the IPv6 NTP server at Viagenie (more information at http://www.viagenie.qc.ca/en/ipv6/ntpv6/utilisation.shtml)

Bind installation

Version 9 of Bind has full support for IPv6 (for more information refer to ISC Bind Page)
Installation is pretty straightforward: the configuration file defines a caching only name server that allows connection from clients on the same network, i.e. the SLAC IPv6 test network for the moment.

Pinger2 installation

Installation of the Perl module Pinger.pm has required additional modules, that were not part of the perl distribution on the machine:

Also the Perl module Socket6, support module for IPv6 networking calls, needed to be installed.

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