Ethernet Install Request for an Office Computer

Basically this request is to connect the wall tap in a room to a network switch port. The photo on the right shows an example of a Wall Tap. Ethernet installation requests are made by departmental admins.
  • If you are not a departmental admin then please provide the relevant information to your Departmental Admin and request her/him to fill in the following form. The form below is simpy to indicate what you will need to provide.
  • If you are a Departmental Administrator fill out the request form, then press "Submit". When submitted, the form will be sent by Email to net-ops and create a "Request Ticket" (RT) for processing.
Tap Photo
Your full name
Your Phone number
EMail address for response to this request
Building Number for installation(e.g. 050)
Room/location number for installation (e.g. 325, R214)
Is there an existing wall tap? Yes
If so please identify the Wall Tap (e.g. 325A.1).
If not then identify where the tap should be located in the comment below.

For corrections or comments, please send email to net-admin. Please include this URL so we know to which page you're referring.
Last modified: December 12, 2008