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Last Update: June 10, 1999
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SLAC's LAN is growing by about 50% per year for the last 10 years. Some metrics and their values which characterize the size of the LAN can be seen below gaphically and in tabular form

LAN growth
Metric Value (Jun-99)
Number of on-site users 3128 (3668 unique mail addresses)
Total number of IP Devices 4273 (4641 IP Addresses)
Macs and PCs on network at SLAC 400 and 1522 (1255 running PCs running NT)
Unix Hosts (incl 27 NeXTs) 956 (183 central servers, 96 in CAD)
VMS Nodes (VAX+AXP) 155 (37 AXP)
Xterminals 280 (84% NCD)
FDDI Rings* 21
Routers / Bridges / Switch Hubs 21 (128 ipaddrs) / 44 (28 w SNMP) / 66 (2567 ipaddrs)  
LAN Probes 10
Segments / Switched Collision Domains / Subnets* 1028 / 607 (10Mbps) +  121 (100Mbps) / 55
Server Operating Systems Unix (3), VMS, WNT 4, MacOS
Off-site links Stanford (10Mbps & 155Mbps), ESnet (2@T1, 1@T3), OC48 (622 Mbps NTON experiment)

Further Information

This is the raw summary file, created daily, from which most of the above table comes.
Gives the count of each type of operating systems in the nameserver database.
Gives the number of computers purchased (by manufacturer) each year.
CANDO Reports*
The Quick Guide to finding CANDO listings provides access to lots of other Computer And Network Database in Oracle (CANDO) configuration reports.

Note: * Access to this link is restricted to SLAC users
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