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15 November 2001

For users:
Contact your local administrator who will arrange for the purchase of memory upgrades.  
  • Dell Warranty. Dell computers come with a standard 3-year Next Business Day On-Site Service warranty.  Please do not remove hardware from Dell computers or add foreign components within the warranty period since this invalidates the warranty.  For repairs, please fill out the Hardware Vendor Repair  request (which notifies the Help Desk to contact SLAC's Dell warranty repair).

To local administrators:

  1. Please arrange the purchase with Teri Church.

  2. Complete a Purchase Requisition and submit it to Operator

    On the Purchase Requisition, please include:
    -- the unique Tag Number that Dell uses to track the history of the computer (this is the number listed under the Property Control Database as the serial number, this is not the PC#)
    -- the department charge number 
    -- the delivery requirements.  Standard shipping is 3-4 days, expedited can be overnight or 2 days.

  3. At the same time, fill out a HelpTrack request so that the Dell on-site warranty service can do the upgrade when the hardware is delivered.

For Memory Upgrade for Dell OptiPlex GX1, purchase:

168-pin DIMM, w/ECC, SDRAM, PC100

  The OptiPlex GX1 supports both ECC and non-ECC SDRAM.   However, all of the models SLAC has purchased should contain ECC SDRAM.  ECC and non-ECC memory should not be mixed.  PC100 is sufficient, as the 440BX chipset in the GX1 doesn't support a 133MHz system bus.

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