PEP-II HER Quadrupole Vacuum Chamber Traveler Form
Step Search

If you are interested in steps completed by someone, enter the name here. If you are interested in certain values recorded on the travelers, enter the value here. If you are interested in steps completed on certain date(s), enter the date(s) here. If you are interested only in a certain step, select the step here. Select the output type Click the button. Use the button to clear the form

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Entering Step Measurements and Values

The step measurements are things like outgassing rates, straightness, etc. Other values are various serial numbers. When searching for string values such as serial "numbers", you may use the wildcard characters (* or %) which match any zero or more characters and _ (underscore) which matches exactly one character. When searching for numeric data such as outgassing rates, you may enter an exact number, or you may use >, <, >= or <= followed by a number.

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