World Wide Web Interfaces at SLAC

Steven Meyer, PEP-II Project Database Group, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Lack of Early Alternatives to CGI

To date, the bulk of the WWW interface used at SLAC has been through a CGI script CGI-Wrap. This is due to the lack of effective alternatives at the time that the PEP-II Project Database began to incorporate the WWW into its database access.

Current investigations

Currently we are investigating several promising alternatives to custom written CGI scripts. Among these are:

Among its disadvantages are the cost in terms of licensing Oracle CASE, in terms of disk space (>300MB for developer workstations), and in terms of training developers, although this is somewhat mitigate when one is only doing WWW development for an existing database.

Several other possibilities have been explored and rejected for such reasons as cost and inability to generate complex queries.

Author: Steven Meyer