PEP-II I.R. Technical Information

Last update: 24 Oct 96

General Information

Coordinate Axes in the IR-2 Hall:

Schematic of coordinate axes in the IR-2 Hall, and their relation

IR Water Requirements:

Tabulated water requirements in the IR-2 straight section, for Cu and Alum water systems. Includes HEB, LEB, and IR magnets and vacuum system devices.
Rev 2.1: Expanded to include valve locations and lenght of hose runs for all devices (18 Oct 96)

IR Notes and Technical Spec's

M.E. Note 96.06: "Drawing Notes for UHV Fabrication"

Notes to be used for drawings of parts and assemblies which are exposed to the PEP-II ultra-high vacuum. These have been used for drawings for the HER, and will continue to be used for the I.R.
Released: 23 Oct 96

IR960411R0: "I.R. Coordinate System Axes Conventions."

Explains IR coordinate systems in detail, including how they relate to one another, and references for the information given. Tabulated data, below, may reference any of these coordinate systems, so be forewarned to check for the correct reference [MS Word 6, html].

IR951211R0: "I.R. Drawings and Specifications."

Drawing number conventions for I.R.

IR960410: "I.R. CAD File Management."

CAD file layout conventions for the I.R. This describes standard views, coordinate systems, and layout orientations to be used for I.R. CAD files.

IR-2 BSC and Magnet Position Data

All information originates from MAGBENDS output from Mike Sullivan. Coordinates and positions are based on the IR Reference Frame coordiante system (see IR Note, above, for an explanation of this). This data agrees with MAD positions to <1 micron.

Magnet Positions for IR-2 Straight

No Solenoid Compensation configuration

H.E.B. Beam Stay-Clears Through the IR

No Solenoid Compensation configuration

L.E.B. Beam Stay-Clears Through the IR

No Solenoid Compensation configuration

Luminosity Beam Stay-Clears Through the IR

Shows positions and circular size of S.R. from the I.P. collision
No Solenoid Compensation configuration
(10/4/96: Updated to correct error in X-position column)

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