Mechanical Engineering Information

Last update: 20 Sep 96

Online Catalogs and Search Engines

  • Yahoo: Yahoo search engine
    Thomas Register Supplier Finder: Good information, but not quite as useful as the real thing (requires registration).
    IndustryNET Online Marketplace: Online information on a variety of companies (requires registration).
    MDC Vacuum Products: Pseudo Catalog with references to page numbers of latest MDC Catalog, and link to ISI Home Page
    Omega Engineering: An almost-catalog of temperature, pressure, and flow products
    Empire Magnetics: Pseudo catalog of motors
    Fisher Scientific Catalog: Online Catalog of scientific supplies.
    Newport Corp.: Online Catalog of precision optical and mechanical components.
    Mac Stuff: Gopher site at the University of Michigan with lots of Mac shareware programs.

  • Journals, Indexes and Information Resources

  • Mechanical Engineering Online: ASME's monthly periodical, online
    Machine Design On-Line Home Page: Good reference for design-related articles and information
    JVST Online: Searchable index of JVST articles from past journals.
    Motion Control Home Page: Includes selected articles from Motion Control Magazine, plus an advertiser list.

  • Home Pages of Departments, Societies and Professional Organizations

  • ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers
    ASM International Home Page: Materials and Manufacturing organization.
    MacSciTech Users Association
    SLAC Mechanical Design Dept.: Includes description of CAD Support services and links to drawing databases.

  • Home Pages of Companies with Products in use at SLAC

    Warning: Lots of this is just P.R., with little useful technical information.

  • ANSYS, Inc.: With links to ANSYS News, press releases, etc.
    Intergraph: CAD software provider
    Apple Computer: Home Page.

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