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Last revised: 2 April 96

Directory of pictures, drawings, and other graphical information regarding the PEP-II Interaction Region Support System. An explanation of file extensions describes file types and download parameters (text or binary).

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[Plan View of Support Tube]

Plan View of Support Tube, B1, and Q1: hpgl (176k), pict (64k), iges (1232k), gif (32k)

Includes B1 Magnet and Chamber, Silicon Vertex Tracker, Pump Chamber and BPM, and Q1 Magnet and Chamber. Shown with a thin-walled Central Support Tube

Version 0: Conceptual layout with refined B1 geometry, prototype Q1 block geometry. Used at DOE Lehman Review 3/96.

[Iso of Carbon Fiber Central Tube Bolted Joint]

Isometric View of the Carbon Fiber Central Tube Bolted Joint: hpgl (160k), pict (96k), gif (32k)

Conceptual design of the flange and joint between the stainless steel End Tubes and the carbon-fiber composite Central Tube

Version 0: Presented at Support Tube Conceptual Design Review of Oct 95.

[Deflection Graph of Support Tube]

Deflection Graph of Support Tube: pict (48k), gif (32k)

Deflection of the Support Tube under gravity loading. This shows the vertical deflection of the assembly, with a 0.07" wall carbon composite center tube. Slope is the slope (in radians) of the deflection.

Version 0: Presented at Support Tube Review in October, 95.

[As-Buckled Plot of Central Support Tube]

As-Buckled Plot of Central Support Tube: B & W ps (160k), Gray Scale ps (176k) gif (32k)

Plot of Buckled carbon-fiber composite Central Support Tube. ANSYS analysis uses large-deflection theory, and predicts buckling at 2.7 - 3.3 times the maximum expected moment under earthquake loading.

Version 0: Presented at Support Tube Review in October, 95.

[Isometric View of Forward End]

Isometric View of Forward End: hpgl (144k), pict (80k), gif (32k)

View shows Support Tube, Q2/4/5 Raft and all magnets, BaBar Detector envelopes, and Q2 Shielding Plug on door, and Raft Base.

Version 0: Detector envelopes and machine components per 3/16/96. Presented at PEP-II Lehman Review.

[Deflection Plot of the Forward Q2/4/5 Raft]

Deflection Contour Plot of the Forward Q2/4/5 Raft: tiff (368k), pict (112k), gif (48k)

Shaded image isometric contour plot of the Q2/4/5 Raft under gravity loading from the Support Tube, and Q2, Q4, and Q5 Magnets. Total weight is 28,000 lbs.

Version 0: Conceptual design presented and approved at 1/6/96 PEP-II/BaBar Forward End summit meeting.

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