PEP-II I.R. Magnet Drawings

Last revised: 2 April 96

Directory of pictures, drawings, and other graphical information regarding PEP-II Interaction Region Magnets. Drawings are grouped by magnet, and begin at the interaction point and move outward. An explanation of file extensions describes file types and download parameters (text or binary).

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[B1 Magnet, Chamber, and SVT Layout]

B1 Magnet, Chamber, and SVT Layout: pict (80k), hpgl (208k), gif (32k)

Layout of the B1 Magnet and Chamber, with Silicon Vertex Tracker. This shows the clearances between SVT and B1 Magnet, and the Support Tube.

Version 0: Based on ir31.lae, with new B1 Magnet blocks dimensions as refined by Andy Ringwall (3/18/96)

[B1 Vacuum Chamber and Magnet]

B1 Vacuum Chamber and Magnet: tiff (224k), gif (32k)

Cut-away isometric of the HEB down-beam B1 Vacuum Chamber, Pump Chamber and BPM, surrounded by the B1 Dipole Magnet.

Version 0: Chamber cross-sections based on MIke Sullivan's BSC numbers from 4/20/95, using SYNC_BKG files: API85B_B1_3.TEM and API85B_A1_9.TEM, with 3-tip mask.

[Cross-Section Through the Q1 Magnet]

Cross-Section Through the Q1 Magnet and Suppport Tube: vector pict (112k), filled pict (80k), hpgl (240k), gif (48k)

Cross-Section includes Q1 Chamber, Trim Coils, quad and dipole rings of the Q1 Magnet, cables and services, and the Support Tube. (Joe Stieber).

Version 0: Prototype cross-section

[Field Map of Q1 Magnet Fields]

Field Map of Q1 Magnet Fields: pict (48k), gif (32k)

Arrow plot of B-fields for the hybrid quad and dipole rings of Q1, produced from MATLAB (Stan Ecklund).

Version 0: B-Field plot of Prototype Q1 quad

[Picture of Helmholtz Coil]

Picture of Helmholtz Coil for Block Measurement: pict (368k), gif (96k)

The 1 meter diameter Helmholtz Coil is used to measure the dipole moment of the permanent magnet block material used for B1 and Q1 Magnets (Zach Wolf).

Version 0: Coils built by SLAC Magnet Testing Lab for use on Q1 Prototype

[Block of Incor-26 Samarium Cobalt Material]

Block of Incor-26 Samarium Cobalt Material: pict (192k), gif (48k)

This is the raw material used to create the B1 and Q1 magnet blocks. It is the largest size samarium cobalt produced, manufactured by UGIMAG of Valparaiso IN (Andy Ringwall).

[Iron Q2 Design Option--End View] [Iron Q2 Design Option--Side View]

Iron Q2 Design Option:

End View: hpgl (144k), pict (64k), gif (32k)

Side View: hpgl (64k), pict (48k), gif (32k)

Elevation and end views of the iron electromagnet option for Q2. (Fran Younger)

3/8/96 Revision: Includes BSC sizes from Mike Sullivan and Martin Nordby, which are based on the 2/29/96 size, strength, and location.

2/29/96 Revision: "Long quad" design, where cross-section is minimized at the expense of greater length. Used old BSC values which were too small.

[Permanent Magnet Q2 Design Option--Plan 
View] [Permanent Magnet Q2 Design 

Permanent Magnet Q2 Design Option:

Plan View: pict (48k), gif (32k)

Cross-Section View: pict (48k), gif (32k)

Includes dipole and quad sections, a Harmonic Correction Ring, and two rotating quad rings to provide skew and tuning quad capability (David Humphries).

v 4: P.M. material adjusted to more accurately fit BSC's through Q2

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