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Output of the path list command

set BetaMiniReadPersistence Kan                     ;# not set, using default
set levelOfDetail cache                                     ;# set to default
set ConfigPatch MC                                          ;# set to default
# NEvent not set
set BetaMiniTuple root                                      ;# set to default
set histFileName myHistogram.root           ;# default is MyMiniAnalysis.root
BetaMiniOptions.tcl::Warning: ConfigPatch is obsolete.  Please set MCTruth directly
BetaMiniOptions.tcl::Warning: levelOfDetail        "cache"
BetaMiniOptions.tcl::Warning: MCTruth              "true"
BetaMiniOptions.tcl::Warning: ErrLoggingSeverity   "warning"
BetaMiniOptions.tcl::Warning: BetaMiniTuple        "root"
BetaMiniOptions.tcl::Warning: histFileName         "myHistogram.root"
WARNING: BtaFixMultiBumps: unknown module
BtaProdCreateSequence.tcl done
BetaMiniSequence.tcl::Error: Turning off broken physics code
BetaMiniSequence.tcl::Error: Disabling TrkEffTableCreateor: this module looks for a track efficiency file on beginJob
# MyMiniQA not set
    Everything                                      (enabled)
        BetaMiniSequence                                (enabled)
            BetaMiniInitSequence                            (enabled)
                BetaMiniEnvSequence                             (enabled)
                    RecEventControlSequence                         (enabled)
                        EvtCounter                                      (enabled)   event counter
                        RecTimeStampFilter                              (enabled)   timestamp filter
                    GenBuildEnv                                     (enabled)   Build General Environment
                    MatBuildEnv                                     (enabled)   Build Materials
                    CdbApiInitSequence                              (enabled)
                        BdbTclProxyRegister                             (enabled)   Manages operations with BdbTclModuleParmList
                        CdbApiInitModule                                (enabled)   Set up parameters of Conditions/DB API implementations
                        CdbEvtLoadStateId                               (enabled)   Load Cdb StateId into transient eventstore
                    CfgInitSequence                                 (enabled)
                        CfgBuildEnv                                     (enabled)   Build configDB Environment
                        CfgSetKeyModule                                 (enabled)   stores configKey in the environment
                    PepBuildEnv                                     (enabled)   build Pep environment
                    L3TBuildEnv                                     (enabled)   Build L3Trigger environment
                    L3TConfigModule                                 (enabled)   Create L3 configuration
                    SvtInitSequence                                 (enabled)
                        SvtBuildEnv                                     (enabled)   initialize Geometry for the Svt
                    DchInitSequence                                 (enabled)
                        DchBuildEnv                                     (enabled)   Build Dch environment
                        DchCondMonitor                                  (disabled)  Dch conditions monitor
                    DrcInitSequence                                 (enabled)
                        DrcEnvModuleSequence                            (enabled)
                            DrcBuildEnv                                     (enabled)        DIRC - Setup environement for the DIRC
                            DrcBuildGeom                                    (enabled)        DIRC - Create the DrcDetector
                        DrcInitEvent                                    (enabled)   DIRC - Initializations at the beginning of an Event
                    EmcInitSequence                                 (enabled)
                        EmcBuildEnv                                     (enabled)   Build Emc Environment
                        EmcBuildGeom                                    (enabled)   Builds Emc detector model
                        EmcLoadPid                                      (enabled)   Loads environmenty with Emc PID factory
                        EmcEdgeCorrLoader                               (enabled)   Load Emc Edge Correction into environment
                        EmcNeutCorrLoader                               (enabled)   Load Neutrals Correction into environment
                        EmcLoadCalibToo                                 (enabled)   Loads environment with relevant EMC calibrator(Too) proxy
                        EmcLoadDigiCalib                                (enabled)   Loads environment with relevant EMC digi calibrator proxies
                    IfrInitSequence                                 (enabled)
                        IfrBuildEnv                                     (enabled)   IFR - build IfrEnv
                        IfrVstModule                                    (enabled)   IFR - visitor manager
                        IfrPidObjyLoader                                (enabled)   IFR - read Pid Calibration from CDB
                        IfrMuCalib                                      (enabled)   IFR - mu/pi calibration procedure
                        IfrNeutralCalib                                 (enabled)   IFR - neutral calibration procedure
                    TrkBuildEnv                                     (enabled)   Build Tracking environment
                HbkTupleEnv                                     (disabled)      Build HbkTuple Manager
                RooTupleEnv                                     (enabled)       Build RooTuple Manager
                PdtInit                                         (enabled)       initialize Particle Data Table
                BtaBuildEnv                                     (enabled)       Put the BtaEnv object into the environment
                BtaInitEvent                                    (enabled)       Beta- event initialisation
                EffTableSequence                                (enabled)
                    EffTableLoader                                  (enabled)   Load Efficiency Table Proxies
            BetaMiniReadSequence                            (enabled)
                CdbEvtLoadStateIdHistory                        (enabled)       CdbEvtLoadStateId clone
                KanCreateCM                                     (enabled)       Create KanConversionManager
                HdrKanLoadHdr                                   (enabled)       HdrKanLoad clone
                TagKanLoadTag                                   (enabled)       TagKanLoad clone
                KanEventUpdateTag                               (enabled)       KanEventUpdate clone
                BetaMiniTagFilterSequence                       (enabled)
                G4KanLoadTru                                    (enabled)       G4KanLoad clone
                L1FctKanLoadTru                                 (enabled)       L1FctKanLoad clone
                TrkKanLoadAod                                   (enabled)       TrkKanLoad clone
                EmcKanLoadAod                                   (enabled)       EmcKanLoad clone
                IfrKanLoadAod                                   (enabled)       IfrKanLoad clone
                PidKanLoadAod                                   (enabled)       PidKanLoad clone
                L1FctKanLoadAod                                 (enabled)       L1FctKanLoad clone
                L1GltKanLoadAod                                 (enabled)       L1GltKanLoad clone
                RecoKanLoadAod                                  (enabled)       RecoKanLoad clone
                BtaMiniKanLoadCnd                               (enabled)       BtaMiniKanLoad clone
                KanEventUpdateAllTheRest                        (enabled)       KanEventUpdate clone
            BetaMiniDetectorSequence                        (enabled)
                BetaMiniPidSequence                             (enabled)
                    PidExpandChargedSummary                         (enabled)   Expand PidChargedSummary to separate lists
                    PidMakeTrkMap                                   (enabled)   Make and fill map from Tracks to PidInfo objects
                BetaMiniTrkSequence                             (enabled)
                    KalFit                                          (enabled)   Kalmanize Mini tracks
                    KalMiniRX                                       (enabled)   Repair Mini tracks
                    TrkMakePid                                      (enabled)   Pid info from tracks
                BetaMiniDrcSequence                             (enabled)
                    DrcCreatePidInfoFromMini                        (disabled)  DIRC - create DrcPidInfo from DrcTrack
                    DrcIdentify                                     (disabled)  DIRC - Particle Id Module - first pass
                    DrcCleanAssociation                             (disabled)  DIRC - Clean Associations
                    DrcSecondPass                                   (disabled)  DIRC - Particle Id Module - second pass
                    DrcCheckReco                                    (disabled)  DIRC - check Reco (NA)
                BunchT0MiniSequence                             (enabled)
                    InitBunchT0                                     (disabled)  MC Truth Bunch time
                    DchTrkBunchT0                                   (disabled)  Track Bunch T0 Finder
                    DrcCheckEventT0                                 (disabled)  DIRC - Check Event T0 using Dirc data
                    TrkT0Faker                                      (enabled)   Add T0 from tag-db to BunchList
                    BunchT0TagSet                                   (disabled)  Set bunch T0 tags
                    PrintBunch                                      (disabled)  Printout Bunch t0s
                BetaMiniSvtSequence                             (enabled)
                    SvtHitReco                                      (disabled)  makes Clusters and Hits from rootClusters
                    SvtMakePid                                      (disabled)  Create SvtPidInfo list
                BetaMiniDchSequence                             (enabled)
                    DchMiniHitsSequence                             (disabled)
                        DchMiniMakeHits                                 (enabled)   Reconstitute Default DchHit list
                        DchMakeHitMap                                   (enabled)   Create map of DchHit pointers to cells
                    DchPidMakeHitMap                                (disabled)  Create dE/dx list
                    DchMakePid                                      (disabled)  Create DchPidInfo list
                    DchMakePidMap                                   (enabled)   Index PID vs. tracks
                BetaMiniEmcSequence                             (enabled)
                    EmcMakeMiniReco                                 (enabled)   Creates Bump, Cluster, and shared digi lists
                    EmcSetClusterCalibrator                         (enabled)   change cluster calibrator for EmcCands
                    EmcTrackMatch                                   (enabled)   Match tracks to bumps
                    EmcCreateUniqueList                             (enabled)   Make a unique list of EmcCands
                    EmcMakeMiniCandLists                            (enabled)   Creates the various lists of EmcCands from EmcListBank
                BetaMiniIfrSequence                             (enabled)
                    IfrMakeExpansion                                (enabled)   Expand compactified minis
            BetaMiniNeutralHadSequence                      (disabled)
                NeutralHadSequence                              (enabled)
                    NeutralHadMatch                                 (enabled)   Emc and Ifr match
                    MakeNeutralHad                                  (enabled)   make IFR neutral hadrons
                    NeutralHadMatchAll                              (enabled)   Emc and Ifr match method2
                    MakeNeutralHadAll                               (enabled)   make all neutral hadrons
                    NeutralHadNtuple                                (disabled)  neutral hadrons Ntuple
            BetaMiniTruSequence                             (enabled)
                GTrkFillDaughters                               (enabled)       Fill daughters field of GTracks
                BtaLoadMcCandidates                             (enabled)       Load Default MC Beta Candidates
                BtaLoadGHitAssoc                                (enabled)       Beta - MC GHit associator
            BetaMiniBtaSequence                             (enabled)
                BtaProdCreateSequence                           (enabled)
                    BtaLoadEvtInfo                                  (enabled)   Load default EventInfo
                PhysInitEvent                                   (enabled)       Beta- event initialization
                PhysCreateAlias                                 (enabled)       create aliases for ALists
                BetaLoadMiniSequence                            (enabled)
                    BtaLoadBeamSpot                                 (enabled)   load the BeamSpot into the EventInfo
                    LoadMiniBtaCandidates                           (enabled)   load Beta lists from mini objects
                LoadEventInfoSequence                           (enabled)
                    BtaLoadBeamSpot                                 (enabled)   load the BeamSpot into the EventInfo
                    BtaGoodTrackSequence                            (enabled)
                        LoadBetaTracksLists                             (enabled)   Create BetaCandidate Lists
                        GoodTrackVeryLooseSelection                     (enabled)   Selection of good track for primary vertex
                        GoodTrackAccSelection                           (enabled)   Selection of good track within acceptance
                        GoodTrackLooseSelection                         (enabled)   Selection of good track for primary vertex
                        GoodTrackAccLooseSelection                      (enabled)   Selection of good track  within acceptance plus loose cuts
                        GoodTrackTightSelection                         (enabled)   Selection of good track for primary vertex
                        GoodPhotonLooseSelection                        (enabled)   Selection of loose good photons
                        GoodNeutralLooseAccSelection                    (enabled)   Selection of loose good photons
                        GoodPhotonDefaultSelection                      (enabled)   Selection of default good photons
                        TrkMicroDispatch                                (enabled)   Create bitmaps for tracks
                        TrkEffTableCreator                              (disabled)  Create tracking efficiency tables
                    VtxEvent                                        (enabled)   search the vertex of the event
            BetaMiniUtilitySequence                         (enabled)
                CpuCheck                                        (enabled)       Check CPU time remaining
                Signal                                          (enabled)       intercept ^C
                PrintParms                                      (disabled)      print parameter values
                ReportFPE                                       (enabled)       handle and report floating point exceptions
        MyMiniAnalysis                                  (enabled)       MyMiniAnalysis
        QExample                                        (enabled)       Workbook example module