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Sections and Figures from BABAR-PUB-01/08

Warning: Pagination for individual sections differs from the full submitted article

Section Sections Figures
Title and Author List [pdf][ps.gz]  
1. Introduction [pdf][ps.gz]  
2. Detector overview [pdf][ps.gz] Fig01, Fig02, Fig03, Fig04, Fig05
3. PEP II [pdf][ps.gz] Fig06, Fig07, Fig08, Fig09, Fig10, Fig11, Fig12
4. Solenoid and flux return [pdf][ps.gz] Fig13, Fig14, Fig15
5. Silicon vertex tracker [pdf][ps.gz] Fig16, Fig17, Fig18, Fig19, Fig20, Fig21, Fig22, Fig23, Fig24, Fig25, Fig26, Fig27a, Fig27b
6. Drift chamber [pdf][ps.gz] Fig28, Fig29, Fig30, Fig31, Fig32, Fig33, Fig34, Fig35, Fig36, Fig37, Fig38, Fig39
7. Performance of charged particle tracking [pdf][ps.gz] Fig40, Fig41, Fig42, Fig43, Fig44, Fig45, Fig46, Fig47
8. DIRC [pdf][ps.gz] Fig48, Fig49, Fig50, Fig51, Fig52, Fig53, Fig54, Fig55, Fig56, Fig57, Fig58, Fig57 Fig60
9. Electromagnetic calorimeter [pdf][ps.gz] Fig61, Fig62, Fig63, Fig64, Fig65, Fig66, Fig67, Fig68, Fig69, Fig70, Fig71, Fig72
10. Detector for muons and neutral hadrons [pdf][ps.gz] Fig73, Fig74, Fig75, Fig76, Fig77, Fig78, Fig79, Fig80, Fig81
11. Trigger [pdf][ps.gz] Fig82, Fig83, Fig84, Fig85, Fig86, Fig87, Fig88
12. Online computing system [pdf][ps.gz] Fig89, Fig90, Fig91, Fig92
13. Conclusions [pdf][ps.gz]  
Bibliography [pdf][ps.gz]  
Full sectioned version [pdf][ps.gz]  

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