Our next BBBTF meeting will be held on

27 May 2004 from 7:00 to 08:30 h at KEK (26 May 2004 from 15:00 to 16:30 h at SLAC). The meeting will be chaired by W. Kozanecki

Virtual room 31

SLAC bldg 50 (SCS) room 112

Telephone call-in number: 1-510-665-5437, pass code tbd



(1) Current understanding of background (in particular: Touschek, SR backscattering, luminosity backgrounds; vacuum improvements, technology & results)

         (a)  Belle (O. Tajima)

         (b)  BaBar (W. Kozanecki): Background Status and answers to questions of 28 April


(2) Background templates

         (a)  BaBar (G. Wormser)

         (b)  Belle (J. Haba)


(3) Background simulations

         (a)  Belle (tba)

         (b)  Babar (S. Robertson)


(4) A.O.B