Our next BBBTF meeting will be held on

29 June 2004 from 8:00 to 09:30 h at KEK (28 June 2004 from 16:00 to 17:30 h at SLAC). The meeting will be chaired by J. Haba

Dial into virtual room 31 via H323

SLAC bldg 50 (SCS) room 112

Telephone call-in number: none (outgoing Slac call if needed)



(1) Background templates (.xls): (discussion led by G. Wormser(.ppt)) (Direct BELLE BABAR comparison template(.xls))


(2) Background simulations

         (a)  Belle (K. Trabelsi)

         (b)  BaBar (S. Robertson)


(3) Where do we go from here (discussion)

         (a)  Belle issues

         (b)  BaBar issues


(4) A.O.B