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List of Domains

Ambient Domain


The Conditions database

It is one of basic domains. It manages and tracks the conditions under which experimental data were acquired. It includes such things as electronic calibrations, detector calibrations (e.g. drift time relationships) and detector alignments. It is designed to allow for a complete description of the detector as a function of time, where different components of the detector may exhibit different time variances.

Configuration Domain

It is one of basic domains. It manages pre-built sets of configuration parameters that are identified by a key that is unique for the duration of the experiment. The particular values within a configuration may vary with time and so this domain utilities capabilities of the Conditions database for this tracking.

The Event Store

It is one of basic domains. It manages and tracks the experimental data from the initial raw data produced by the experiment or by simulations through the various reconstruction and physics analysis processing phases and selections that result in the publication of physics papers. This has to deal with the creation of sub-samples of events that meet different criteria, reprocessing of data following updated conditions information and management of experiment-wide event samples as well as other samples that are specific to a particular work group or individual.

Spatial Domain


Temporal Domain



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