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This command allows you to change the allocation of database identifiers that are associated with any know key. Any change will be stored in the global database of the federation to which the environmental variable OO_FD_BOOT points. If this global database is replaced at any point in time all changes will be lost.

If no key is specified using the -l option, then the default key of the federation will be the on which is used.


-f forces the operation and does not request confirmation

-h print out this information

-c creates a new allocation with the provided key and specified identifiers

-d destroys the allocation for the specified key

-a added the specified identifiers to the allocation for the specified key

-r removed the specified identifiers from the allocation for the specified key

-s start
specifies the beginning of a range of identifiers to allocate; the length of the allocation is specified by the -n option

-n number
specifies the number of identifiers, starting at the value specified by "start", to add or remove from the allocation


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