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BdbFileConfigLoader is a BaBar Database tool for loading placement configuration from an ASCII file into the federated database. Usage:

BdbFileConfigLoader [-f <file> [-createDir]] [-prod] [-v] [-help]

<file> should be a fully qualified path to the ASCII configuration file containing information that should be loaded into federation. Warning: it overwrites existing configuration stored in the federation. Once it finishes successfully, it may not be "undo". If the option -createDir is present, it will try to create directories specified in the ASCII file.

If the flag -f file is not specified, current configuration stored in the federation is displayed. This involves read only access, data is not altered.

-v Turns on verbose mode. By default verbosity is disabled.

If the path to the ASCII file contains a word "production", operation will be aborted, unless a switch -prod is present. This is to avoid loading a configuration into a production federation by mistake.

See configuring placement for more information about the ASCII file.


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