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Vxb and Vtx


Two webpages from SLAC and the PIC conference provide links to hotels.


If there is too much choice on those webpages, the following might serve as a help -- it's from talking to secretaries and organizers who got feedback from other visitors and from other hear-say ...

  • Creekside Inn (800 492 7335 or 650 493 2411)
  • Dinah's Hotel (650 493 2844)
  • Cardinal Hotel (650 323 5101)

  • Stanford Terrace Inn (650 857 0333)
  • Hotel California (650 322 7666)
  • Mermaid Inn (650 323 9481)
  • Super 8 Motel (800 800 8000 or 650 493 9085)

The first half is more expensive than the second half. Please note that these are just suggestions, not recommendations.


The economy is not good and it's better for the hotels to have you as a guest than not having anybody at all.

So: Call the hotels and ask for a good price. They will lower their rates substantially. Ask for

  • Any price you are willing to pay
  • Stanford/SLAC rates
  • AAA rates (if you are a member)
  • Government rates
  • ...
Last modified: Dec. 2, 2002