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The DCH-DCT common teststand is currently installed on platform 27

How to run a DCH-DCT calibration from the command lines

(last updated on Nov. 14, 2007)
Note:The GUI doesn't work since the DCH Phase II upgrade took place in October 2005.
  • IR2 (using two terminals for the following)
    • log into bfo-farm100:
      setenv ODF_PLATFORM 127
      cd /nfs/bbr-nfs03/detector/odf/DchTests
      (If doesn't work, try: cd /nfs/bbr-nfs03/detector/trg/dctTest/)
      cd workdir
      OepBasicReceiver -c 0x40016000 -i0 PARENT/bin/Linux24SL3_i386_gcc323/OepLoggingApp PARENT/OepFrameworkApps/OepLoggingPRV0.tcl
    • log into bbr-srv07 (or bbr-farm00)
      setenv ODF_PLATFORM 127
      cd /nfs/bbr-nfs03/detector/odf/DchTests
      (If doesn't work, try: cd /nfs/bbr-nfs03/detector/trg/dctTest/)
      CalControlProgram -c 0x40016000 -s DchCalCycles -k 6677
      (previous key was 0x16d8 before DCH FEX deployed)
  • Test stand (using two terminals for the following)
    • On falco or dali:
      setenv ODF_PLATFORM 27
      cd /nfs/bbr-nfs03/detector/odf/DchTests
      (Or, cd /nfs/bbr-nfs03/detector/trg/dctTest/)
      cd workdir
      OepBasicReceiver -c 0x3 -i0 PARENT/bin/$BFARCH/OepLoggingApp OepLoggingPRV0.tcl
    • On falco or dali:
      setenv ODF_PLATFORM 27
      cd /nfs/bbr-nfs03/detector/odf/DchTests
      (Or, cd /nfs/bbr-nfs03/detector/trg/dctTest/)
      cd workdir
      CalControlProgram -c 0x3 -s DchCalCycles -k 6678
      (previous key was 5900) (to end/abort the program when the calibration doesn't end normally, use "q" to quit so that it ends nicely)
    Note that you will need to remove or move the file bdbtest-1-C.xtc before taking a calibration run since it cannot be overwritten.

    How to start a DCH-DCT calibration GUI

    1. connect to dali. (if in IR2, connect to a bbr-farm... machine)
    2. go to the DCH release directory : $BFROOT/detector/dch/DchTrigger/ (in IR2 $BFROOT/detector/dch/DchIR2/ )
    3. execute "source DchTestStand/setup.csh"
    4. execute "startCalib" : this pops up a window with plenty of green buttons.
    I). IR2: If this doesn't work, first make sure that you have a file named "override-group" under the .hepix directory in your home area, and this file should contain the following four lines:
    bbr-dev ir2
    bbr-srv ir2
    bbr-con ir2
    bbr-farm ir2
    II). TestStand: (Feb.2005) Before running startCalib, here is the temporary solution suggested by Mike Kelsey till Terry Hung and Len Moss have fixed the problem:
    unsetenv SAVEPATH
    source /usr/local/lib/hepix/central_env.csh

    How to run a DCH-DCT calibration with the GUI

    The calibration GUI is the one with plenty of green button.
    1. click on "Trig Calibration". This pops up a window with plenty of purple button. You can close the GUI with green buttons (that will avoid you start a DCH calibration by error).
    2. Click on "Run Calibration".
    3. Once the calibration is done, don't forget to type enter in the windows that mention it
    4. To view the latest calibration xtc, click on "View Calibration". This will launch L3TDisplay.
    The calibration xtc files are stored in calibration/dch_calib-NNN.xtc where NNN is a number. The last calibration corresponds to the biggest number.

    To connect to the ROMs (ROC32 for DCT, ROC26 for DCH), run startXyplex. The trigger group has a release directory in $BFROOT/detector/trg/Interface/DchDct/DchDctRel8.6.1/ This directory has not been updated for the DCH-DCT calibration. However the L3TDisplay compiled here is still in use.

    Installing the DCH-DCT teststand software. Old version installation can be found here.

    author Gérald Grenier The university of Iowa
    Last significant update: 06-Jun-2003 Expiry date: 31-Jun-2003