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Power-off sequence

The order does not matter. However, Do NOT power off the Master crates (rack B620B-26 bottom crate).

Power-up Sequence

The oder does not matter for EMT and GLT crates. But it does matter for DCZ crates!

DCZ Crate Power-up sequence after power outage or glitches at IR2-EH

  1. Master crates and DCZ ROMS (rack B620B-26 bottom crate)
  2. TSF-X crate (rack B620B-25 bottom crate)
  3. TSF-Y crate (rack B620B-25 top crate)
  4. BLT/ZPD crate (rack B620B-25 middle crate)
TRG DCZ crate
Image of DCZ crates
The crates are labelled in the order they should be turned on - the master crate has the label "first, check I'm turned on", the TSF-X crate is labelled "1", the TSF-Y "2" and the BLT/ZPD crate "3". Failure to follow this order might result in DCZ not being able to configure and a possible error message in CMlog would be "Damage 0x4000 from node 3 crate 0x40000000 slot 2". This is caused by interuption in DCZ clock. If the timing to the DCZ clock is interrupted, the TSF's can be in a funny state; therefore the DCZ front end crates need to be power cycled.

Other crates (EMT, GLT) Power-up sequence

  • GLT crate: rack B620B-24 middle crate (there are 3 crates, top, middle, bottom)
  • EMT crate: rack B620B-21 bottom crate (there are 2 crates, top, bottom)

Some Situations that require power-cycling DCZ Crates

  • If the master/ROM crates were powered off/on or fiber pulled, you need to power cycle the DCZ crates (#2,#3, #4 above). To do this, go to the B620B-25 rack, switch off all three crates and then switch them back on IN THE ORDER according to the label next to the switches, namely: the bottom TSX crate first, the top TSY crate second, and then the middle DCZ crate last. Failure to do so might result in timing/framing problem in data, or not being able to configure DCZ.
  • The DCZ ROM is known to be flaky, and it needs power cycled. In this case, you also need to power cycle the DCZ crates (repeat step #2, #3, #4 above). An indication of this is the link B "ready" red light on in slot 2 (in rack B620B-26 bottom crate), in which case DCZ is failed to configure.
If in doubt, contact the Trigger commissioner.