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Current list of Trigger tasks for Run7


The followings are the task list for Trigger group, which is still not done, can be done quickly and will be beneficial. Mostly monitoring tasks. These are based on the task list for Run6.


  • MIP-peak efficiency for data may be worse than for simulation. Compare efficiency using clean mu-pair data in the GLT, look at 1M and 2M events. (Mark)


  • Monitoring task:
    • TSF/ZPD efficiency plots from a few weeks back showed ZPD damage: (post) The plots should be re-made to re-order bins and compare consistency and neighbouring boards.
    • The plots could also be re-done using tick-by-tick information, now that the proper clock 4 ticks is used. This would gain efficiecncy.
  • ZPD Trigger filter documentation needs updating.

Data quality and monitoring

  • Time history monitoring - The 1st bin is low due to the first sampling rate, and that could be fixed.

L1 Fast Monitoring

  • GLT vs FCT bit checking.
    Need to avoid FCT only trigger jumping ahead just before GLT trigger to flag only genuine bit mismatch.
  • L3 Fast Monitoring

    • Trickle injection monitoring.
      • A set of critical monitoring which rquires full L1 input statistics: 
        • Weaver plot for all Bhabhas and clean L3 physics events, and physics rate vs injection cycle for injected bunch.
      • Other usful info from L3
        • L3 T0 and EMC cluster mean time for a few different zones in weaver plot.
    • Archive browsing capability like L1Fmon with a few fixed pages of plots per run.

    General Online Monitoring

    • Re-establish and enhance the existing weekly monitoring summary facilities.
      • Need to work on convenient ways of autoupdating, archiving and displaying the information. Current L1+genenral  and L3 parts are done quite differently.
      • Enhance the weekly monitoring facility with strip charts for some critical trigger performance observables. We need to re-examine what observables we need and create the relevant histogram in Fastmon to serve these variables in the end run histograms for strip charts in any case.
      • Longer time scale (e.g. monthly) monitoring to catch subtle changes.

    L1 OPR Monitoring

    • Event history and basic occupancy plots.
      • OPR mon needs to be more selfcontained for convenient Q/A. Some gross conditions variations during run cannot be picked up by existing histograms. This requires the event time history vs run time.  Current efficiency histograms use DCH/EMC reco as base, but they cannot tell clearly what was going on if DCH and EMC had major problems. Some basic TRG occupancy plots will help. 
    • Add more strip charts for critical observables.

    L3 OPR Monitoring

    • Add monitoring of efficiencies to seleced set of known lines ? 
    • Establish strip charts for critical observables.

    Last Modified on 9/11/07, by Kim Hojeong.