How to make BGFilter tag bit plots


  1. Log in to one of the slac machine (yakut or noric)
  2. In this example, release 22.1.1 is used
  3. Some usual settings:
    > srtpath [enter][enter]
    > cond22boot
  4. add package: RecoBGFilter HEAD, Elf, and workdir
  5. Compile and Link:
    > gmake clean
    > gmake installdirs
    > gmake workdir.setup
    > gmake lib
    > gmake Elf.ElfUserXtcApp
  6. Stage xtc file for the run you want: (ex: run 67676)
    > tcstage 0067676-001
    This file will be stage into: /nfs/babar/tcfiles
  7. Make myelf.tcl in workdir:
    set ElfConfigPatchSet Run2
    set ElfHistoFileName myElf.root
    set ElfOutputCollection /work/users/[your user name]/elftest.xtc
    set ElfTuple root
    sourceFoundFile Elf/ElfProduction.tcl
  8. If run more than once, don't forget to remove output. In my case they are in /nfs/sulky40/user02/work/users/hojeong/ dir.
  9. Run:
    ElfUserXtcApp -n 10 -f /nfs/babar/tcfiles/babar-0067676-001.xtc myelf.tcl
    -n: number of events (-1 for all events)

Look at the result:

  1. Look at the output root file: myElf.root
  2. Histograms are in RecoBGFilterMon directiory

Plot them:

An example macro to plot inclusive/exclusive TagBit histograms is here. Use with your own risk.
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