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Trigger Operation Meeting (2/26/08)

Attendees: Su Dong, Rahmat Rahmat, Debbie Bard, Kim Hojeong.

Meeting Information

 Date      :  Feb 26th, 2008
 Time      :  2:00pm - 3:30pm PST
 SLAC Room :  Madrone conf room, ROB 
 Dial-in   :  1-510-665-5437, pass code 6649#

--- Minutes ---


  • Nothing really. It's been really quiet.


  • Su Dong was investigating on the FCT-GLT word corruption at 0.2% level. (summary/run range):
    • The example of good run is here (run 64100), and of bad run is here (run 79256). Possibly IFR forward end electronics problem.
    • You can clearly see that the IFT pattern 3&4 are shifted in start tick and their rates are small. this plot compares two runs. Many events have 0 pulse for bad run. FCT saw M*&5U but GLT didn't see. But it's fired.Maybe there were two pulses and the second pulse is just above 16 tick, so that we can't check.
    • Start tick plot shows clear shift for bad run to higher number. Tick span is expected to be 4 (4 ticks for one pulse), for 8, maybe due to 2 pulses. For less than 4, maybe related with the second pulse above 16 tick?
    • It's mysterious to have 0 pulse. But it seems to be clear that it's not GLT but IFT problem. Will check if there was any IFR activity like powercycle, especially for forward end electronics around that time.


  • Rahmat is checking the runs marked as flawed.
    • When some part of TSF has problem (~10%), we have to check if tracking in that area is OK, L3 efficiency is OK. We have to be careful with these especially like lumi counting, etc. But it doesn't mean it won't be useful. It maybe OK for B physics but bad for tau or other continuum physics. Suggest to have non-binary system: not just say good or bad, but say good for this, be careful with that, etc.
    • When trickle injection without timing happened. They don't have time-stamp, but that's not trigger problem. It should follow policies from data quality gorup.


  • Rahmat will take pager on Thursday after ops meeting for two weeks. Keep your cell phones near you.

This page was created by Kim Hojeong; however, you are welcome to edit and/or correct above items, specially for those who attended the meeting. Thanks.

Last Modified: Feb 26th, 2008.