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Trigger Operation Meeting (10/30/07)

Attendees: Rainer Bartoldus, Su Dong, Mark Tibbetts, Al Eisner, Debbie Bard, Kim Hojeong.

Meeting Information

 Date      :  October 30, 2007
 Time      :  2:00pm - 3:30pm PST
 SLAC Room :  Madrone conf room, ROB 
 Dial-in   :  1-510-665-5437, pass code 6649#

--- Minutes ---


  • Last Wednesday, SVT people took cosmics with GLT in.
  • Cosmics run with EMT and GLT:
    1. Last Wednesday, an attemp to take cosmics with EMT and GLT only was made. It failed due to an error:
      2007/10/24-17:08:36 bfo-srv03  DATAFLOW  Trace partition 0x17ff on platform 127 allocated
      2007/10/24-17:08:52 bfo-srv03  DATAFLOW  Error joined crates 0x13ff expected 0x17ff
      2007/10/24-17:08:52 bfo-srv03  DATAFLOW  Error partition 0x17ff on platform 127 is not ready
      2007/10/24-17:08:52 bfo-con03  MESSENGER Error BABAR : Failed-to-allocate-crates
      2007/10/24-17:09:47 bfo-srv03  DATAFLOW  Rout  Received <Reboot> reason 0
      2007/10/24-17:09:47 bfo-srv03  DATAFLOW  Trace reboot allocated partition
      2007/10/24-17:09:48 bfo-srv03  DATAFLOW  Trace partition 0x17ff on platform 127 dissolved by user babar, pid 23160, on node odf-srv03 
    2. Last Friday, another attemp was made. At beginning they had problem, but starting a new run worked. (e-logbook):
      2007/10/26-11:58:22 bfo-srv03  DATAFLOW  Trace partition 0x17ff on platform 127 is ready
      2007/10/26-11:58:22 bfo-srv03  DATAFLOW  Trace partition 0x17ff on platform 127 allocated
      2007/10/26-11:58:27 bfo-srv03  DATAFLOW  Error Damage 0x400 from node 25 crate 0x1000 slot 1
      2007/10/26-11:58:27 bfo-srv03  DATAFLOW  Error <Map> has damage 0x400 (Invalid Transition)
      2007/10/26-11:58:27 bfo-con03  MESSENGER Error BABAR : Configure-transition-failed
      2007/10/26-11:59:02 bfo-srv03  DATAFLOW  Rout  Received <Reboot> reason 0
      2007/10/26-11:59:02 bfo-srv03  DATAFLOW  Trace reboot allocated partition
      2007/10/26-11:59:03 bfo-srv03  DATAFLOW  Trace partition 0x17ff on platform 127 dissolved by user babar, pid 26309, on node odf-srv03 
    3. Email from Jim Hamilton about this:
      I didn't do anything specifically to fix this. It's difficult to tell, now 
      that it is working OK, what might have been wrong. CreateFileTable is run 
      automatically -- you should never need to do this yourself, and I don't think 
      you would get this kind of error from that. The entire system is always 
      rather flakey during shutdowns for various reasons, so it is not really 
      surprising that it didn't work.
  • Use showPartition to see if the partition is used by others.


  • EMT calibration was attemped on Friday. Calibration was done but the validation script didn't run due to a missing directory. Contact Jim Hamilton.
  • EMT calibration was done on Monday, it worked fine. Learned that calibration doesn't work if EMC crates are not there.
  • Mark is working on the script to fail EMT calibration if there are non zero entries in the plots. It will be ready in 4 weeks.






  • Al reminded that we still need to find out exactly how Rahmat got L3 lumi and mu pair counting for his newly added plot.
  • Zafar paid a visit. Request a clear instruction in JAS on how to mark data quality due to TRG. We discuss this during last meeting too. The new conclusion for shifters:
    1. If the run is 3 min with over 90% deadtime, it's obvious: mark as unusable.
    2. If anything more complicated than that, mark as flawed and send email to trigger group. We'll look at it. Flawed runs go through the system, so no worries.

Trickle injection monitoring

  • Al is working on it. Having problem with bash script.

Trigger Configuration

  • Statistics Survey discussion (main webpage, last discussion)
  • Silvano Tosi's analysis:
    • Q: what is he measuring?
    • His analysis is well triggered by lepton from Y(3S).
  • Y(4S)->gamma Y(3S), Y(3S)->pi+pi- Y(1S), Y(1S)->invisible case:
    • pi+pi- are not back-to-back enough to trigger.
    • ISR photon is too soft
    • Even if we run at Y(3S), it will be hard to trigger at L1.
  • Generic Tau events:
    • Q: is the fiducial cut in?
    • Add Zk in some lines add up about 10% rate. Total tight configuration saves 15% in rate.
    • D2&1E&1Z lines has the beggist effect (0.7%)
    • For tau, 3M&M* is more efficient than 4M line
  • In 2006, there were 4 prescaled lines in question:
    • 3M (factor=4)
    • 3B&2A (8)
    • M*&1Z (4)
    • D2*&1M (16)
  • Currently, 3B&2A and M*&1Z are there, but the other two are replaced by 1Zk and 1Zt.
  • Conclution in December was that we don't need 3M
  • For 3B&2A: need more non-B physics (ex: ISR or two photon events) to test with Run5 or later configuration
  • Hojeong will run emulation with the new order to see more realistic effect.
  • Hojeong will run emulation with data w/ 1E line to test it.
  • What's missing: gamma tau tau decays (for New Physics), Steve's Upsilon decays
  • How will be trg configuration for 3S or 5S?
    • For few days we can go for open L3
    • Need generator to test if L1 is OK


  • Who will be available during the holiday? Need to report on Thursday ops meeting.:
    • Rainer will be back from Dec 17 until the end of the year, hopefully.
    • Su Dong will be gone from Dec 21 for one week.
    • Debbie and Mark will be away.
    • Hojeong will be away from SLAC for about a week. She will carry pager and cell phone. In case of emergency when a visit to IR2 is necessary, Rainer will do it for her.

This page was created by Kim Hojeong; however, you are welcome to edit and/or correct above items, specially for those who attended the meeting. Thanks.

Last Modified: October 30, 2007.