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Minutes of the Trigger Operation Meeting (10th July, 2007)

Attendees: Debbie Bard, Brandon Drummond, Al Eisner, Fang Fang, Kim Hojeong, Mark Tibbetts.


  • Paged 3 times for 3 different L1 damage occurances.
    • Twice the odf log files showed 'MPIC spurious interrupt' messages - first and second. TSF crates had to be powercycled.
    • Third one was the 'minor' errors - out of order/out of synch messages predominated in the log file. Error disapeared with start of new run.
    What is the difference between these errors? Is it that the third occasion was one board getting out of synch, and the other times the entire system is out? Could have a look in OdfCommon for the code that sets the error bits.
    These first two problems were exactly the same as the famous 15th-of-the-month errors, so I guess it's not confined to that date only. I'll pay extra attention on 15th July nontheless.


  • Efficiency study is on-going. Mark would like to look at well-isolated clusters to check whether residual energy from neighbouring clusters is causing a problem with efficiency calculations, and so will use mu pair data. Question of how to access to mu pair tag bit - through a L3 skim then using L1TNtupleKanApp or directly in L1TNtupleXtcApp?


  • Fang used the absence of beams to test the memory test code at IR2. It behaved the same as it did at the teststand, which indicates the teststand is a good replica of the IR2 environment.

Data Quality and Monitoring

  • Looking at the L1 stripcharts, the scale is large for some of them, rendering the error bars insignificant. The scale is hard-coded, so could the stripcharts be re-made (again) with more appropriate scales?

Trigger Configuration

  • Hojeong is using SP9 MC (which includes the 1Zk object) to reproduce the config studies. With the one completed so far there is no change compared to the SP8 MC study. She will go on to use the emulator to test the 'tight' and 'emergency' configurations.


  • How can we help PEP improve lumi? The DIRC backgrounds are very sensitive to beam tuning, so the limits on the scalers may be increased. This should not affect the trigger as long as DCH and EMC backgrounds don't increase, but it will affect the DIRC data quality.

This page is created by Debbie Bard (; however, you are welcome to edit and/or correct above items, specially for those who attended the meeting. Thanks.