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IFR Upgrade Review 2002

This page collects information related to the IFR Upgrade Review process started in 2002. The charge and committee members can be found here.

BFMAIL codes have been setup: IFR_REVIEW for the review committee; IFR_WORK for the full working commitee.

A separate page is maintained by David Lange for physics and software issues.

Most information is posted on the Ifr Improvements Hypernews.

Meetings and related information. Please remark any missing information.

  • Oct 4, 2002
    • Relevant talks at the Sep collaboration meeting.
  • Oct 11, 2002
  • Oct 18
    • Jerry Va'vra's posting and Nando Ferroni's rates.(see discussion on HN).
    • Roberto Calabrese: LST status (.ppt).
    • Rafe Schindler: Scintillator status (directory)
  • Oct 25
    • Jeff Richmann physics talk.
  • Nov 1
    • Nando Ferroni: RPC proposal (.pdf)
  • Nov 8
    • Absorber configuration for cost estimate (.pdf)
  • Nov 14-15, 2002 Workshop (SLAC). Presentations are ordered in this directory.
    • LST Session
      • Proposal - Roberto Calabrese
      • R&D issues and status - Changguo Lu
      • LST experience and production issues - Mario Posocco
      • Installation issues - Livio Piemontese
    • Scintillator Session
      • Status Report - Rafe Schindler
    • Current IFR status - H. Band
    • RPC Session
      • A proposal for a RPC Barrel - G. Piredda
      • Alternatives to General Tecnica ? H. Band
      • RPC R&D issues: status and plans D. Strom
    • Engineering - J. Krebs
    • Physics Session
      Speaker               Subject                         Start Time      Talk time
       Jeff Richman          Physics of the IFR: Overview       10:00        10'+5'
       David Lange           Monte Carlo Studies with the IFR   10:20        20'+10'
       Gianluca Cavoto       Monte Carlo Studies with the IFR   10:50        15'+10'
       Oliver Buchmueller    Muon Studies: Data vs. MC          11:15        10'+5'
       Jeff Berryhill        Muon ID in B-&gt;Kll               11:30        10'+5'
       Bryan Dahmes          KL Studies                         11:45        10'+5'
       Urs Langenegger       KL veto in B-&gt;Xu l nu           12:00        5'+5'
       Danning Dong          Ds to mu nu.
       Paul Jackson          B to k nu nu                                                         


  • Dec 8, 2002 Workshop (SLAC) - Presentations collected here.


Page maintained by Francesco Forti.