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Pulser run

  • This kind of runs are used to spot the places where RPC discharges

  • You have to contact the trigger experts before starting any operations. Probably they want follow the operations

  • In the Electronic house:
    1. In B620B-21 rack there is a wave function generator. Only under the trigger experts agreement, change the rate to 1KHz

  • From Epics:
    1. Make sure we are in DENY mode for injection
    2. From the state machine panel place the detector into manual mode by pressing the change button under the HV MODE
    3. Open the IFR EPICS folder (making sure there are no alarms)
    4. Open the IFR configuration panel from the IFR EPICS folder
    5. Put the IFR in LOCAL mode by clicking on GLOBAL
    6. Set the IFR state to INJECTABLE
    7. Check here if you have to turn ON some external layers in forwad endcap.
    8. Set the IFR state to RUNNABLE

  • From ORC:
    1. Go to the STANDBY STATE
    2. From the ORC GUI, click the main control button and select RUN TYPE.  Set the run type to COSMICS_L1PASSTHRU (this means that L3 doesn't reject some events)
    3. Select OPR NO from the main control button
    4. From the BaBar proxies main panel include the the following subdetectors: IFR + GLT + DCT + CEN:BIP
    5. Click on Change trigger mask from the main control button. The trigger mask is 4000000 (verify with Trigger experts first)
    6. Begin as usual

  • The rate should be the one set on the wave function generator.

  • When finished, from ORC:
    1. End the run
    2. Go back to the STANDBY STATE from the main control button and then restore the default trigger mask by clicking on CONTROL+ and then RESTORE_DEFAULTS. Change the run type back to PHYSICS before starting a new run. The OPR flag should be reset to YES.

  • In the Electronic house:
    1. Reset the wave function generator to its original frequency

  • From Epics:
    1. Set IFR to INJECTABLE
    2. Turn off and mask those channels that you turned on before start
    3. Return IFR into GLOBAL mode by clicking on LOCAL
    4. Double check that all the detectors are rumped down before permetting the injection
    5. Insert a note of your activities in the logbook and post a hypernews on IFR Operations

Last modified: 15 February 2005, 15:21:00
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