Experts State Machine

This webpage explains how to bypass the DIRC injectable flag to allow PEP to inject while we have some troubles with our system.

The 'Experts State Machine' panel is a slightly modified version of the usual 'BaBar State Machine'. To open it, click on 'PEP' on the main BaBar epics panel and then right-click on the 'State Machine' button. This will open a small menu with two choices: 'Inj State Machine' (the panel used by the pilot to steer BaBar) and 'Experts State Machine'. Choose the latter and wait for the panel to show up.

Epics panel providing access to the Experts State Machine Button
To access the 'Experts State Machine' epics panel, right-click on the 'State Machine' button at the bottom of the panel (button with a blue frame) and select that panel.

The only differences between the pilot and 'experts' panels are the 4 additional cyan buttons (in the middle top section of the panel) which are labelled 'INACTIVE' by default. Clicking on one of them allows to bypass the injection flag of the corresponding subsystem: do it for the DIRC if needed.

Experts State Machine epics panel
To bypass the DIRC injectable flag, click on the cyan button (with a red frame) labelled 'INACTIVE' close to the DIRC status.

Nicolas Arnaud
Last modified: Fri May 12 06:51:30 PDT 2006