How to bypass the DIRC status in ORC

It can sometimes make sense to take (bad for physics) data while fixing a problem on the DIRC. To do this, one has to bypass the DIRC status in ORC as it does check that all subsystems in the partition are runnable before starting the run. The bypass has to be done from con03 (the pilot console where ORC is running).

Picture of the ORC panel
Display of the ORC panel. To change the way the DIRC is included in the partition, one has to click on the buttons in the marroon frame. They are described below in the core text. Such operations must be done while ORC is in standby mode.
This picture shows the status of the ORC while BaBar is taking data in its nominal configuration (all subdetectors included).

There are three ways to change the DIRC configuration in the partition when ORC is in standby mode.

When the problem is fixed, do not forget to come back immediately in the nominal DAQ configuration!

Nicolas Arnaud
Last modified: Fri May 12 07:24:27 PDT 2006