DIRC Operations Weekly Report

Period: Wednesday 2007/3/04 - Wednesday 2007/4/10

Oncall: Alejandro Perez
Fast Monitoring: Alejandro Perez, Bradley Wogsland

File location: $BFROOT/www/Detector/DIRC/WeeklyReports/report_20070410.html
Plot directory: $BFROOT/www/Detector/DIRC/WeeklyReports/Plots/report_20070404


BaBar-PEP news

PEP peak lumi: ~8.3 x 1033 (previous week: ~8.3 x 1033)

BaBar integrated lumi: 0.80 fb-1 (previous week: 1.97 fb-1)

Run 6 PEP delivery: 0.92 fb-1 (previous week: 2.07 fb-1)

Run 6 total delivery: ~24.99 fb-1 Run 6 total BaBar recorded: 23.97 fb-1 including 0 fb-1 off-peak data

PEP activities this week:

  • PEP-II down due to broken water pipe shut down BaBar's cooling water from 4/3 to 4/5
  • PEP-II down due to vacum leak from 4/7 to 4/10.

    BaBar activities/issues this week:

  • none

    DIRC activities

    See DIRC logbook for details


    Scheduled activities

    Pending Work

    Manpower situation

    Jose, Alejandro and Bradley rotating backup & on-call commissioning duties.