DIRC Operations Weekly Report

Period: Saturday 2006/07/15 - Friday 2006/07/21

Oncall: Jerome Bequilleux
Fast Monitoring: Rolf Andreassen, Jerome Bequilleux

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BaBar-PEP news

PEP peak lumi: 11.2*1033 (previous week: 10.2*1033)

BaBar integrated lumi: 3.13 fb-1 (previous week: 3.98 fb-1)

Run 5b PEP delivery: 62.49 fb-1

Run 5 total delivery: 132.63 fb-1 Run 5 total BaBar recorded: 127.93 fb-1 including 9.82 fb-1 off-peak data

PEP activities this week:

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Foreseen work opportunities (PEP down periods):

BaBar activities/issues this week:

DIRC activities

See DIRC logbook for details

  • UPS work:
           -Saturday 15th: Matt disabled/enabled the SOB dump valve to prevent any problem during UPS work.

  • Wiener crates' temperature:
           -Monday 17th: recurrent yellow alarms with the "inlet" temperature of Wiener crate in sector 2. The pilot masked the alarm (seems it became more and more persistent since Friday 14th). Correlations with hot weather.
           -Tuesday 18th: new yellow alarms due to inlet Wiener crate temperatures for sectors 4 and 5. Yellow alarm thresholds are moved from 33 to 34 degrees for sector 2,4,5; the alarm on ALH is unmasked for sector 2.
           -strange behavior of Wiener crates temperatures: 3 temperatures are monitored for the Wiener crates: Inlet temp.(= temp. of the air before cooling the crate), Bin temp. (= temp. of the air after it cooled the crate) and PS temp. (=temp. of the power supply). We expect "Tinlet < TBin" (seen for Wiener crates of EMC and DCH), but the opposite is found for the DIRC (remaining possible explanation: role of the 3 added fans+position of the sensors)...

  • SOB water level:
           -Tuesday 18th: Water level in the SOB tank is slighly above the upper the max. level allowed (green bar taped on the tank). Contacted Jerry and Matt, but thinking it is linked with temperature.
           -Wednesday 19th: Jerry confirmed the high water level in the SOB tank is due to the hot weather.


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