DIRC Operations Report

Period from 2008/03/19 to 2008/04/09

Oncall/Fast-Mon: Jose Benitez, Jennifer Prendki .


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  • See Run 7 integrated luminosity here

    PEP, BaBar activities/issues since last DIRC meeting

  • Finished taking data on the Y(2S) and scanned the region above the Y(4S) up to 11.2GeV.
  • After that rescanned Y(6S) with more statistics.
  • Increased current in the LER upto 3200mA and other machine studies for super-B.
  • No major problems on the BaBar side.

    DIRC activities/issues since last DIRC meeting

    Current detector status (Cosmics run from last night):
    some tails on the timing distributions (DFB noise?).

    Lumi and Background History

    Pending/Ongoing Work