DIRC Operations Report

Wednesday 2007/12/3 to Wednesday 2007/8/15

Oncall: Jose Benitez, Rolf Andreassen, Joe Schwiening
Fast Monitoring: Jose Benitez, Rolf Andreassen, Joe Schwiening


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PEP peak lumi: ~8.3 x 1033

Run 6 total delivery: ~7.5 fb-1

Run 6 total BaBar recorded: ~.5 fb-1 on the Y(4S) , ~6.9 fb-1 on the Y(3S) , 0 fb-1 off-peak data

PEP activities/issues since last DIRC meeting

  • First collisions seen on Dec 14.
  • Switched to running on the Y(3S) on Dec 20.
  • Smooth running over the holidays, although lumi remained at ~6x10^33
  • Bad weather last week affected the Linac Friday and Saturday.
  • Currently having problems with a transverse kicker magnet. Cant raise the LER current past ~1900mA. Two day ROD starting today to investigate this problem. .

    BaBar activities/issues since last DIRC meeting

  • Power dip on Jan 4th morning (due to weather) affected DCH and EMC.BaBar Recovered quickly.
  • IR2 was well prepared for the storm last week. No major problems occurred.
  • New trigger lines installed to increase efficiency for the new physics at the Y(3S).

    DIRC activities/issues since last DIRC meeting

  • Nitrogen flow values became unstable on Dec 7th. Problem is due to flaky flow meter electronics on top of the detector. One controlled access made on Dec 11 by Jerry, Matt and Steve Dardin, flakiness disappeared after touchin the electronics board. Another controlled access was made on Dec 14 by Jerry and Popat, instabilities went away in the same way.
  • New relay was installed on the chiller power line on Dec. 13, but we still see glitches. Next thing to replace is the connector on the back of the chiller. Also a new flow sensor will be installed which will be used to monitor the chiller status, because the current one does not work if the chiller is off.
  • Backgrounds are generally good, except for a few background splashes last weekend which resulted in current some current excess alarms and some unusual FEX errors in bin6.

    See DIRC logbook for details

    Lumi and Background History

    Pending/Ongoing Work

    Spare status

    Equipment # used Spares
    DFB 168 12/17 good + 4 possibly good, 1 bad
    DCC 12 4/5 good
    HV Boards 48 9/11 good , 2 broken still in Angels shop

    Manpower situation