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  • Sample of noise floor measurements of DCH for Q1 and Q3 with full instrumentation
  • Talk on DCH online calibration given by G.Sciolla at the Calibration mini-plenary session (July 16, 1998)
  • Talk on online calibration given by G.Sciolla at the DCH parallel sessions (July 14, 1998)
  • Samples of noise floor measurements based on ROM-level calibration using Prototype II and 2/16th instrumentation on the DCH
  • Examples of ROM-based calibration of noise thresholds from Prototype II studies are here and here (log plot and linear plot)
  • DCH Online Calibration (14-Jul-1997) <- Need Comments !!! Preliminary. Proposal of the online calibration scheme.
  • Drift Chamber Electronics Calibration write-up (12-Feb-1997); Old and nearly obsolete. Some useful background information.
  • Online Calibration Questionnaire reply from Dch (17-Feb-1997); Old. Sent to the Online Calibration coordinators (D. Brown and G.D. Dubois-Felsmann).

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