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Drift Chamber Software: ReconstructionTasks

This page is under construction, for any question/comment/information on these items contact R. Stroili

The Dch Reconstruction can be divided into the following major areas:

The blue fields are already covered somehow, while the red ones are still missing somebody who is interested in, if you are willing to contribute to the DCH effort, please first consider these areas first.

The schedule:

The schedule is the following:

  • short term:
    • Geometry and material model ready to replace present geometry (end of October). This implementation should replace the current one with only few functionalities added (i.e. wire sag). One important feature will be to have the geometry generated from the same (dbio) database that simulation is using
    • implementation of regression testing for full processing chain
    • dE/dx first complete reconstruction (now the path in the cell is given by the simulation) will come with the new geometry (end of October)
    • handle multiple times in digis
    • design of calibration (time to distance) (mid November)
    • design of alignment (mid November)
  • longer term:
    • handle wire inefficiencies (March 98)
    • global alignment corrections in reconstruction (March 98)
    • interface with conditions database (both for calibration and geometry) (March 98)
    • dE/dx: introduce corrections on the signals and calibration
    • t0 finding (March 98)
  • even longer term: (before cosmic run)
    • cosmic ray track finder
    • set of diagnostic functions:
      • esolution vs. drift distance
      • efficiency vs. drift distance
      • right/wrong ambiguity choice
      • geometry/alignment
    • alignment code to find:
      • wire-by-wire offsets
      • global alignment with respect to BaBar
      • bulk distorsion
    • preliminary model of drift functions (with and without B-field) with corrections (for pulse-height, entrance-angle, ...)
    • drift-function finding module

NOTE: the longer-term and even-longer-term dates may change, but these should give an idea of whenthese tasks are scheduled. March 98 is meant as some weeks before MDC2 reconstruction is scheduled to be ready in order to test it with some care.

Coming events:

  • September 29 1997: reconstruction mini-review
  • November 14/15 1997: reconstruction workshop focused on calibration and alignment
  • November 1997 Collaboration meeting: RECO+PHYSICS session on PID
  • April 1998 (?): reconstruction ready for MDC 2

People involved (in alphabetical order):

    • R. Cowan
    • S. Schaffner
    • G. Sciolla
    • A. Snyder
    • R. Stroili
    • S. Wagner
    • R. Yamamoto