Draft Versions of Final Drilling Drawings

Note that B-size drawings are gzipped postscript to save space

Description A size (postscript) B size (gzipped postscript)
Rear endplate, Drilling plan A-PF-350-214-10-A0 B-PF-350-214-10-A0
Rear endplate, Reference holes A-PF-350-214-09-A0 B-PF-350-214-09-A0
Rear endplate, Sense wire holes A-PF-350-214-11-A0 B-PF-350-214-11-A0
Rear endplate, Field wire holes A-PF-350-214-12-A0 B-PF-350-214-12-A0
Rear endplate, Clearing field holes A-PF-350-214-13-A0 B-PF-350-214-13-A0
Rear endplate, Inner cylinder holes A-PF-350-214-14-A0 B-PF-350-214-14-A0
Rear endplate, Alignment holes A-PF-350-214-15-A0 B-PF-350-214-15-A0
Rear endplate, Gas holes A-PF-350-214-16-A0 B-PF-350-214-16-A0
Rear endplate, Grounding post holes A-PF-350-214-21-A0 B-PF-350-214-21-A0
Rear endplate, rf shield and assembly fixture mounting holes A-PF-350-214-22-A0 B-PF-350-214-22-A0
Forward endplate, Reference holes A-PF-350-213-09-A0 B-PF-350-213-09-A0
Forward endplate, Sense wire holes A-PF-350-213-11-A0 B-PF-350-213-11-A0


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