• Calculation of yield strength of rod-and-clevis arrangement for attaching endplates to stringing fixture, M.Houde (August 21, 1996)
  • Drawings of rod-and-clevis arrangement for attaching to endplates, M.Houde (August 21, 1996)
  • Version 1.1 of pretensioning procedure for stepped endplate. Uses strain gauges. C. Hearty (Sept.13, 1996)
  • Problems with Version 1.1. C. Hearty (mod. Sept.25, 1996)
  • Draft procedure of assembly process. See also accompanying drawings. R.Fernholz (Sept.11, 1996)
  • Description of babel.ps, babend.ps, hinge.ps, locaux1.ps, loclose.ps, insectmk4.ps, aligningmk4.ps, R.Fernholz (Sept.11, 1996)


Assembly Fixture Drawings from R.Fernholz (11 Sept 1996)

Side view bebel.ps
End view babend.ps
Bird's eye view babaux1.ps
Worm's eye view babaux2.ps
Hinge for vertical rotation hinge.ps
Bird's eye view of alignment plates locaux1.ps
Closeup of alignment plate loclose.ps
Spider for holding endplate insectmk4.ps
Endplate mounting fixture aligningmk2.ps


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