Guidelines for Publication of DCH Papers


Papers Considered as DCH Publications

A Drift Chamber publication is a written article submitted to a journal or conference proceedings and dealing laregly or solely with the design, construction, or performance of the chamber, its electronics, software, or data analysis.

Publication Steps for DCH papers

  1. Notify the System Managers that a draft copy of your publication is in preparation. Indicate the timescale when a draft will be available for review and when the completed paper is due for submission. One or two internal referees will be assigned to read your draft and make suggestions for revision, if any.
  2. Obtain an appropriate DCH Author List from the System Managers. Please provide a draft copy of your paper, so that an assessment of the content can be made. The DCH institutional representatives will be notified, in case there are special case authors to be added.
  3. Submit your final version to the System Managers for approval to submit. The System Managers will arrange for a reading of the paper, along with the internal referee(s) to assure the accuracy and quality of the publication.

Criteria for DCH Author

The current list of eligible DCH authors can be found here. The designated institutional representatives are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the list.

Names included on the DCH authors list should be individuals who satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Ph.D. physicist, engineer, or graduate student working a significant fraction of their time on the DCH project and making a real intellectual contribution;
  2. Name to be added to the list 3 months after joining the project and deleted 6 months after leaving.

Under this definition, technicians, summer and undergraduate students would not be included. Exceptions to these guidelines will be considered by the DCH Steering Committee. Please supply an argument for consideration by the Committee if you wish add someone outside these guidelines. This consideration will be made on a paper-by-paper basis. Whether an individual is judged to have been a significant contributor is left to the individual institutions, who are also asked to keep track of whether the second criteria was satisfied. The 6 month rule will only be applied with judgement after the chamber is in production for data. In particular, any final reports dealing with the construction of the chamber, its electronics, or initial performance, should include all significant contributors.

Custom Author Lists

Not all DCH papers include electronics, software, and hardware topics; if a paper is focused on one of these areas, the author list will be limited to the appropriate subset of the full list. In this context each paper will be considered separately and a proposal made the System Managers to the Steering Committee concerning the appropriate choice for the scope of the author list.