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BaBar Drift Chamber
gas System
  How to Navigate on the EPICS Panels ?

(updated Nov 2004)


From the main "General DCH Gas System Panel" you can access any information which is relevant to control or command the DCH Gas System.

A) In this main panel, you can find the current status of the gas system :

Running/Rest/VME/alarm mode.

When the DCH Gas System is respectively in Running mode, at Rest, Under Control of gas expert, or in an alarm mode to avoid hazardous operation (due to intrinsic or external reasons).

In this case of an Alarm it is possible to page the gas expert pager: 650 377 98 93
The complete list of experts for gas system is accessible through this document (pdf, html) or
is written  on the closest gas system rack door, in the GAS HUT.

The gas hut phone Number is x3367.

B) The other parts of the panel concern display menus that give access to well defined tasks :

To display a given panel according to a given task, activate one of the scrolling menus, with the right button of your mouse and click on the text that labels the display/command panel you want to access :

The  crucial Parameters of the Gas System should be accessed
from the Shifter Panel.

Others usages :

1) Status and command panels

2) Investigation about gas alarms (or to request access to control and command of the gas system - for gas experts short list only - or force the runnable gas system flag).

3) Global Outline of the Gas System Status based on the Engineering Scheme

4) Activating the DCH Gas System Experts sequences

5) Electronic scales (weights of the isobutane bottle).

6) Restart of the gas system after an alarm.

Links to BaBar DCH Home page and documentation of the DCH Gas System and the safety procedures.

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