BaBar DCH high voltage control

When the HV system is mis-behaving, hints are available.

Settings for the CAEN modules from January 2007 are available to view if you need to check if a module is set up correctly.

Scaling factors are calculated with the following root macro (with documentation):
Other relevant input and output files can also be found in the same directory.

The scaling factors currently in use for the inner quadrant, are (by superlayer):
  SL    Scaling factors
   1a     120
   1b     118
   2     121
   3     108
   4     90
   5      86
   6      85
   7      71
   8      69
   9      67
   10     49
Scaling factors for the other three quadrants are listed in:

The computation is done like this: I1_limit = I1_global * (#_wires/150) * scaling_factor
(currently I1_global is equal to 90 uA).
For the complete explanations from Fulvio, please see here.

Drift Chamber Monitoring
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