How to switch things off at the start of a long shutdown.

For a short shutdown or unles there is good reason it may be good to leave the electronics on. But if you choose not to:

Bias Voltage

1.) Turn off from EPICs
2.) Disable Alarms in ALH.
3.) On Front of CAEN, turn key to off position.

Low Voltage.

1.) Switch off PSs both with blac buttons on each PS and main crate switch.
2.) Mask EPICs alarms.


1.) Change chiller set temp:
Press Read/Set button which will show present set temp - then adjust using neighbouring screw.
One might want to raise it by 0.5-> 1 deg depending on expected weather conditions.

Things to watch out for during shutdown

Switching off the electronics will lead to a drop in crystal temp.
It is undesirable for the temperature to change by more than a degree in the course of an hour.
It is also undesireable for the temperature to be outside the range 20->22 deg C.
If the temperature goes outside the (configurable and thus subject to change) range 18->22 degC then all EMC pagers will be paged automatically.
This is done both from EPICs (ALH) and EMCLive so should work even if the ALH is not running.
However you best keep an eye on it using EMCLive .

How to switch things on at the start of a long shutdown.

1.) Unmask Alarms
2.) Switch on Low Voltage.
3.) Switch on Bias Voltage. If you experience problems consult this .
4.) Change chiller set points back .
5.) Check the oxygen sensor water.